ChicExecs PR Secures KRAM Nutrition in USA Today’s Reviewed

Our latest PR feature is for our client KRAM Nutrition in USA Today’s Reviewed.

Most adults know and have fond memories about pb&j’s. Super soft white bread with the crusts cut off and the perfect peanut butter to jelly ratio.

As kids, this was the ideal snack and meal to give us the energy to keep playing all day long. But as adults, we are a bit more concerned with making sure we eat right.

Our client KRAM Nutrition are experts at addressing modern-day dietary concerns in a way that fits with modern-day needs.

KRAM changes how people view nutrition by offering a healthy protein-packed snack that tastes good (goodbye cardboard taste!)

They offer two sandwich types: The OG and The Beast. Both recipes include smooth organic Valencia peanut butter, fluffy, sprouted, and fermented whole wheat bread, sweet jelly with no added sugar, and added mineral complex because we all need a little more minerals in our life. The Beast also has an extra boost of whey protein and colostrum to promote a healthy gut.

Their focus on nutrition and promoting a healthy lifestyle has especially caught the attention of professional athletes, like the entire USA’s Olympic Women’s Soccer team and Champion UFC Fighter Michael Chandler (who has partnered with the mom-and-son duo behind KRAM.).

KRAM uses organic ingredients to stop the negative impact of pesticides on our bodies and the planet. They also work with farmers who practice organic and regenerative farming practices, which helps decrease global warming by creating a carbon neutral (or even negative) environment.

Reviewed recently featured KRAM in an article offering tips and tricks to minimize post-workout soreness. “Refueling about 45 minutes after a workout can help speed up recovery time, according to ACSM,” making KRAM a great option because of the 13-19 grams of protein per serving, 5 grams of fiber, and added minerals to help your body recover faster.

Check our KRAM Nutrition for a snack that lets you eat guilt-free. Find The OG and The Beast online.

Congrats KRAM!


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