ChicExecs PR Secures Kitty Poo Club in USA Today Reviewed

Our latest PR feature is for our client Kitty Poo Club in USA Today Reviewed!

Kitty Poo Club started as an idea to improve something every kitty-lover owns…and despises—the litter box. The entrepreneurs behind this brand are striving to reinvent an industry that sees very few innovations. Saving cat owners from driving to the store for litter, lugging home heavy bags of litter, and scraping/chiseling/hosing out the litter box, Kitty Poo Club created a convenient all-in-one solution that arrives directly to a cat lover’s doorstep.

This subscription service makes cleaning a breeze with a convenient litter box along with odor-destroying litter sent straight to you. You’ll receive a recyclable, leak-proof litter box plus your choice of premium cat litter (silica litter, classic clay clumping litter, or organic soy pellets). Personalize your subscription with food, treats, and accessories if you so choose. You scoop to clean in between, and in 30 days, you can discard the litter and the box when your new one arrives. Toss the litter in the trash, recycle the box, and replace it with the new one.

This isn’t your ordinary litter box. Each is designed to be attractive wherever you put it with a new pattern every season. It is a litter box you won’t want to hide away. It makes a perfect gift for your feline-loving friends.

USA Today Reviewed featured the brand in its roundup of litter boxes that make kitty clean up easier. Even influencer cats are talking! Chatty Bengals shared Kitty Poo Club on their TikTok channel with more than 800K subscribers! The dynamic cat duo of Zoe and Zeke are big fans of the disposable litter boxes, having used them for over a year.

Check out Kitty Poo Club and see why the subscription service has more than 20,000 5-star reviews! Find them here.

Congrats Kitty Poo Club!








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