ChicExecs PR Secures Kinkistry in Elle

Our latest PR feature is for our client Kinkistry in Elle.

If you’ve visited any hair store in the last two years, you’ve seen an increase in extension options (thanks, quarantine!). Extensions allow you the freedom to play around with your hairstyles without all the expensive and damaging salon trips.

Especially for women with textured hair, being able to quickly and effortlessly change their hair without 12 hours of sitting, hair pulling, or suffocating wigs is a lifesaver.

Our client Kinkistry understands the needs of BIPOC women and gives them the tools they need to celebrate their natural texture and styles. Whether a sleek ponytail is your absolute favorite or you want twists that stay in place, their variety makes it easy to experiment.

They offer clip-ins, wigs, wefted hair, and drawstring ponytails that all blend in seamlessly, and all are made with 100% virgin human hair. Designed to exclusively honor and accentuate the hair of women of color, the brand offers seven textures and curl patterns ranging from 3a-4c.

Customers love the versatility that comes with each kind of extension and wig. Looking to change up your style for the new season? A chic bob is waiting for you. Planning a much-needed vacation but don’t have the time to hit up your hair girl? Pack your extensions in your carry-on for stylish, Instagram-worthy hairstyles.

They even offer a complete hair cair system to keep your extensions and natural hair shiny, bouncy, and healthy for years to come. From gentle cleansing shampoos to the most moisturizing conditioner you’ve ever seen, Kinkistry has everything needed for an ultra-hydrating, deep-conditioning wash day.

Thousands of women have already raved about the confidence Kinkistry has given them. They were even recently featured in an Elle article highlighting the best extension brands that offer amazing quality and ensure you’re getting what you pay for.

Check out Kinkistry to unlock your inner hair diva today! Find the hair extensions featured in the article here.

Congrats Kinkistry!


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