ChicExecs PR Secures KABAKI Kenyan Purple Tea in Oxygen Magazine

Our latest PR feature is for our client KABAKI Kenyan Purple Tea in Oxygen Magazine!

KABAKI Kenyan Purple Tea is the “super-tea” containing more potent antioxidants than green or black varieties. Purple tea leaves don’t just grow anywhere.

They’re cultivated and farmed among the high mountain peaks in Kenya. Here the combination of intense African sun and high altitude air lets UV rays penetrate tea leaves resulting in vibrant color and powerful antioxidants.

Featured as a better drink for health and hydration, KABAKI Kenyan Purple Tea contains plenty of anthocyanins, the phytochemicals responsible for the blue, red, pink, and purple hues in berries and grapes. They’re also the power players that according to the Journal of Gerontology, may prevent neurological diseases, reduce the incidence of cancer, and combat inflammation.

KABAKI ensures its tea is “purple at its purest” using organically and sustainably grown ingredients, and no preservatives. This non-GMO certified tea brewed and bottled in the USA is also low in caffeine and sugar. 

The KABAKI brand is no stranger to helping worthy causes. In founder Martin Kabaki’s home country of Kenya, the brand supports Kijiji Hospital located in the town of Naivasha. Since the start of the pandemic, KABAKI has been making sure staff and personnel are ready to handle all patients as this crisis affects the rural region.

The company also partners with NGO charitable organizations contributing more ways to give back to those who do so much to grow this precious purple leaf tea to share with the world. Additionally, KABAKI Kenyan Purple Tea has supported several give back initiatives within the U.S. donating to missions and food banks across the country and to projects assisting frontline workers.

Check out KABAKI Kenyan Purple Tea for the healthy bottled, ready-to-drink tea that comes in five different varieties and gives back.

Congrats KABAKI Kenyan Purple Tea!

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