ChicExecs PR Secures Jinka in VegNews

Our latest PR feature is for our client Jinka in VegNews!

Are you passionate about trying new, healthy food items? Then Jinka is for you!

Available in three flavors, Jinka is the perfect alternative tuna fish spread for bagels and works great as a dip, filling, and topper. VegNews mentioned the brand in its article on vegan seafood options after you watch the Netflix documentary, “Seaspiracy,” noting these fishy foods are good enough to get everyone hooked.

Choose from Original and play around with what flavors you’d like to add; Lemon & Dill, a splash of lemon with dill is the perfect callback to the traditional tuna salad; or Spicy, a mixture of paprika, cayenne, and cumin in each HOT bite. Enjoy 14 grams of protein, zero cholesterol and trans fat, and a healthy dose of Omega 3, all in ready-to-eat, convenient containers. They use non-GMO soy and organic spices.

The brand is on a mission to show that a plant-based diet can be delicious without compromise. Even if it’s just one meal a day, it is a win and a step towards a greener future.

Based in the Bay Area and garnering attention nationwide, the brand is proving you can have your tuna and be vegan too. Take a look at these vegan tuna recipes for inspiration – burgers, tacos, bibimbap, pinwheels, and more. It’s tasty even for those die-hard carnivores! It’s perfect for a picnic or a snack while hiking. It makes a nice, delicious addition to a vegan charcuterie board as well.

Started as an educational purpose for a non-profit organization, this spread quickly turned into a passion project to bring a delicious, healthy, convenient, and high protein alternative to fans of tuna salad.

Check out Jinka and never miss tuna fish sandwiches again! Find the delish flavors here.

Congrats Jinka!








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