ChicExecs PR Secures Inside Then Out in Cosmopolitan

Our latest PR feature is for our client Inside Then Out in Cosmopolitan.

Candles, shirts, and picture frames are nice gifts to give to anyone. But for our loved ones, those who are closest to us, we want to provide them with something more meaningful and personal.

In a recent article, Cosmopolitan searched high and low for products that create a better gift experience for our best friends. The Inside Then Out Better Every Day Journal was featured as the perfect option for those friends who love to journal.

Inside Then Out was founded as a response to all the stress modern life places on us daily, especially in a post-pandemic and COVID-19 world where taking care of your mental health is more important than ever.

Founder Nya Jones began her own journey into self-care and better mental health by exploring all kinds of journaling prompts, methods, and habits. As a Black woman, she understands the power and strength that comes from being in touch with yourself and seeks to share this insight with as many people as possible.

The Better Every Day Journal is the perfect tool for slowing down this hectic life and investing only in the things that benefit you. The modern, minimalist design helps consumers focus on the important things and clear away the things that don’t serve a purpose. 

The journal features 365 thoughtful prompts, pre-dated pages to help you stay consistent, and 10 themes to guide you in prioritizing what’s inside first. Through prompts like “What is something that happened this year that you want to remember?”, “What are the words you need to hear right now?”, “How is the public you different from the private you?” and “What are you grateful for today?”, you’ll reach the end of each page more in tune and appreciative of yourself.

Visit Inside Then Out to give the gift of inner and outer strength. Find the journal online along with unprompted journals to inspire freeform exploration.

Congrats Inside Then Out!

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