ChicExecs PR Secures HuBee in First For Women

Our latest PR feature is for our client HuBee in First for Women.

Our kitties bring so much joy and love to our lives and steal our hearts from day one.

But taking care of our fur babies and making sure they live a long and healthy life takes a little more work than you’d think.

To help cat moms keep their pets safe, a recent article in First for Women detailed things to keep away from your curious friends, like oxidized cat food. They featured the HuBee Airtight Food Container as their favorite solution to this common issue.

“Cat food oxidizes when exposed to air and loses its nutritional value. It will go bad with time (whether from oxidation, excess moisture, or bugs that get into it) and eventually cause your pet to get sick. What’s worse, large bags of cat food are cheaper in bulk but not that great for sealing out the elements. To keep your cat’s dry food fresh for as long as possible (without having to buy small bags), use a pet food container designed for the task.”

Originally made to hold large bags of rice, this HuBee container is a big hit with pet owners everywhere because it keeps pet food fresh and sealed away from curious noses. The container is made from food-grade silicone and its dishwasher safe for easy clean-up between bags. Store up to 22 lbs. of food and use the included measuring cup to precisely control your pet’s diet.

Redesigning the kitchen landscape to make your life easier, HuBee provides fun, colorful, and eco-friendly essentials you wish you had found sooner. The ergonomically-designed kitchenware perfectly fits modern spaces and keeps up with our current lifestyle.

The brand was inspired by bees and their ability to create masterful and beautiful hives. In addition to its mission to make your home a fun and organized hub, HuBee is a brand striving to make the world a better place, one fun kitchen gadget at a time.

Check out HuBee for more ways to make your kitchen your favorite room in the home. Find the HuBee Airtight Food Container here.

Congrats HuBee!

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