ChicExecs PR Secures How to Be the CEO of Your Household on ABC 20


Kailynn Bowling, ChicExecs Marketing Agency’s Co-Founder/Co-President, shares her tips and advice on finding the balance between home and work with lifestyle host and producer Ashli Doss on Springfield, Illinois channel ABC 20. Her original Forbes blog speaks to the relevant struggle parents are having as they find a new normal working from home and balancing their children’s lives out of school.

Parents fight every day for balance between their lives as professionals and their duties as involved parents. But some days, it feels like you just can’t win. The pile of dirty laundry is several feet high. Your clients are calling you after hours in a panic, and you can barely think about getting through the day, let alone the workweek. As tough as it can be, a balance between home and work is critical. This not only makes your home life more enjoyable and less chaotic, but it helps you be more productive at work, too.

How do you streamline your home life to be less chaotic? Instead of reading more parenting books, look to your 9-to-5 job for the answer. That’s right: You can run your home like a business. After all, when you run a business, you’re orchestrating people and tasks. Are client deliverables really that different than getting Olivia to take out the trash? Not really. So appoint yourself as the CEO of your home and whip the household into shape.

How did Kailynn come up with this approach? It’s a tried and true method in her own household.

“About seven years ago, I was in a place of a growing business, and I thought, how could I have more time to enjoy with my kids yet also get everything done? I thought, I could go in and assign tasks to myself, to my husband, to the kids, and we could do it all together and make the business run more smoothly, which would be our household,” she said.

Watch Kailynn Bowling’s full news segment on ABC 20’s Marketplace.


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