ChicExecs PR Secures Henson Shaving in Wired

Our latest PR feature is for our client Henson Shaving in Wired!

It’s time to upgrade your shave and feel the difference that precision makes. Henson Shaving was faced with the challenge of bringing aerospace quality to a razor at an affordable price. Because each component of the Henson razor is precision machined, they can achieve extremely tight tolerances in a production environment to bring an incredibly high-quality and low-cost razor straight to the consumer.

With Henson Shaving, get the best shave of your life while reducing razors in the landfills (more than two billion disposable razors and cartridges are tossed every year!).

The unisex brand gives users the smoothest shave with incredible results. The precision and incredible attention to detail is unmatched. 

Wired featured the brand in a roundup of the best tools for removing hair for those that are not ready to ditch shaving.

Henson Shaving knows that a bad shave can ruin your day or night. So they got to work. With expertise in hand, they set out to solve this common problem the best way they knew how –  with aerospace engineering. If their experience making components for the Mars Rover, International Space Station, and low orbit satellites were good enough for space, why not razors?

Extreme precision is essential in both space and shaving. Using the same components and processes, the team of engineers focused on perfect tolerances to the thousandths of an inch.

The blade sits at the right angle/distance to your hair and skin every time and creates the thinnest blade exposure on the market. Minimal blade exposure means no vibration in the blade (or chatter). Less chatter means less irritation and a better shave every time. 

Check out Henson Shaving for novice shavers to those with sensitive skin. Find the offerings here.

Congrats Henson Shaving!








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