ChicExecs PR Secures Hasty Baker in Parade

Our latest PR feature is for our client Hasty Baker in Parade!

Winner of the 2020 Tillywig Best Family Fun Award, Hasty Baker is a deliciously fun strategy card game. It’s endorsed by Allison Victoria-Wolfe, season 15 winner of Food Network’s cooking competition, Worst Cooks in America. She’s a big fan and one of the pre-release testers.

The game recreates the fun, thrilling, and competitive world of professional bakers. Players collect ingredient cards, such as flour, eggs, butter, and sugar, to complete various dessert recipes before other players sabotage them. The Steal Ingredient card lets them take someone’s ingredient in play (including the Wild Ingredient) and move it to their own recipe. Or they can make someone cook a double batch to slow them down. Finish your recipe first and enjoy the accolades when you unveil your culinary masterpiece!

Hasty Baker was featured in Parade’s roundup of the best Christmas gifts for 2020, noting that it’s a fun card game that the whole family can enjoy together, even during a meal. They recognized the game as a top holiday gift idea for everyone on Santa’s nice list.

This unique card game is a wonderful interactive alternative to screentime. Kids enjoy the vibrant illustrations that include goofy characters on the ingredient cards as they bring their recipe to sweet fruition. With simple rules, families find they’re playing the game over and over again as they uncover new strategies, including two bonus Create Your Own Recipe cards allowing them to create their family’s favorite treats as well.

The game is ideal for two to six players, ages seven and up. It’s endless fun and you’re bound to get hungry just playing it.

Check out Hasty Baker for a mess-free backing competition and whip up some sweet treats together! Find it on Amazon.

Congrats Hasty Baker!


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