ChicExecs PR Secures Hasty Baker in BuzzFeed

Our latest PR feature is for our client Hasty Baker in BuzzFeed!

It’s the award-winning, deliciously fun game the whole family can enjoy! Inspired by the bake-off competitions we’ll never stop binge watching on cable TV, the objective is to collect the ingredients for your recipes.

No so fast! The ingredients aren’t the only cards in this deck. Stolen and spoiled ingredients quickly turn your recipe strategy into a mixing bowl mess. If you’re looking to slow other players down, use the double batch card to your advantage.

Featured as a best Father’s Day gift for a unique 2020 holiday, dads these days are home a lot  more, which means more time to play. Finding toys that are fun for both dads and kids can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible to have extended playtime that everyone enjoys.

Hasty Baker is for two to six players ages 7 and up. It teaches your kids to strategize and encourages their love for cooking. Have them learn about the world of baking with fun character cards including flour, eggs, butter, and sugar.

Best of all, you can unite the family over tasty sweets without the mess and hassle in the kitchen. The game also comes with two bonus Create Your Own Recipe cards, for your family’s favorite treats.

The game was created by two brothers who both love playing card games with their families and friends. The concept behind Hasty Baker came from the love they have from watching cooking TV shows. The objective of one baking competition inspired the idea of a card game where you have a recipe to complete and have to collect the ingredients to complete your recipe before your opponents do.

Check out Hasty Baker for the card game that speaks to the families who are spending more time in the kitchen baking and breaking bread together.

Congrats Hasty Baker!







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