ChicExecs PR Secures Great Wrap in Trend Hunter

Our latest PR feature is for our client Great Wrap in Trend Hunter.

Making adjustments in your life to be more eco-friendly can be substantial, like completely cutting out all plastic use in your life. Or they can be smaller, like ensuring the plastic you do use is made from sustainably recycled materials.

Great Wrap is on a mission to help people worldwide do their part in saving the planet, one roll of cling wrap at a time.

Other cling wrap brands make their products from a man-made material called polyethylene plastic which doesn’t break down naturally or safely no matter the amount of time passed. (Your grandmother’s cling wrap still exists on the planet in some form.)

Great Wrap is reimagining what plastic use should look like at every level. A team of scientists, bio-designers, and engineers have developed the technology necessary to eliminate our reliance on petroleum-based plastics.

Super stretchy and strong, Great Wrap serves the needs of its consumers in a guilt-free way. Made from potato waste, the cling wrap is compostable, diverts the waste from overflowing landfills, and harnesses the power of recycling to make consumers and the planet happy.

They’ve worked hard to ensure that their product completely breaks down when placed in your compost pile in less than 180 days, leaving no toxins or microplastics behind.

Since launching in 2019, this Australian-based brand has been globally recognized by the Melbourne Awards, the Good Design Awards, The Design Files, The Circle Awards, and The Ocean Impact Pitchfest for their profound impact on local and global communities.

Great Wrap was recently featured in an article on Trend Hunter, a website that researches and promotes trends, ideas, and products that benefit consumers on all levels. They especially loved Great Wrap’s “new vision for sustainable packaging technology” and modern alternative to conventional plastic.

Check out Great Wrap to find oh-so-simple ways to do your part in saving your food and the planet. Find the Great Mate starter kit online.

Congrats Great Wrap!


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