ChicExecs PR Secures Gourmate in TrendHunter

Our latest PR feature is for our client Gourmate in TrendHunter.

If you love home-cooked food but don’t have the time to make a meal, Gourmate is the perfect tool for you. They are a must-have solution to spending less time prepping and more time enjoying your delicious creations.

Gourmate believes that new and favorite meals shouldn’t require expert skills or hours of your precious time. They do everything they can to make breakfast, lunch, and dinner simple and enjoyable every time.

This all-in-one smart multi-cooker can cook, mix, grate, steam, saute, knead, whisk, and chop with over 10 functions, freeing up valuable counterspace and becoming your right hand for all your cooking needs.

Food is an integral part of our lives, so preparing it shouldn’t feel like a chore. This multifunctional kitchen essential makes it possible to master your grandma’s secret recipes or start new ones your kids will love. Gourmate also offers an extensive recipe library online and through the MyGourmate app to explore each function to its fullest.

Bring smart technology to your kitchen and eliminate tedious and expensive shortcuts, like ordering fast food or delivering meal kits. Chefs at all levels can cook from scratch easier and healthier with less stress. Between the compact sous-chef and thousands of delicious recipes available at your fingertips, Gourmate will bring out the Iron Chef in anyone.

This kitchen essential was featured in a recent article on TrendHunter, a website that researches and promotes trends, ideas, and products that benefit consumers’ lives. They love how efficient and useful the tool is to individuals with busy lives or those who love high-tech kitchen gadgets.

It “not only makes the cooking experience more efficient but can also reduce costs associated with meals.”

Check out Gourmate for an easy way to make mealtime fun and quick. Find the Gourmate online here.

Congrats Gourmate!


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