ChicExecs PR Secures Good Green Cleaner in Real Simple

Our latest PR feature is for our client Good Green Cleaner in Real Simple!

One thing that we’ve learned the last six months is the importance of cleaning. But what’s the point of cleaning if you’re doing it with toxins? Good Green Cleaner is an environmentally friendly, food-safe cleaner. The products are bio-based, which means they are composed of renewable sources (including plants and organisms) found in nature and they pose no human health risks when in use. And they still  get the job done and clean exceptionally well.

Four types are available: Odor Eliminator & All-Purpose Cleaner, Kitchen Cleaner & Degrease, Glass & Multi-Surface Cleaner, and Bathroom, Tile & Tub Cleaner.

Real Simple recognized Good Green Cleaner’s all-purpose version as one of six genius eco-friendly finds to simplify your life. They noted that even the smallest sustainable changes can make a huge difference and save you money.

Good Green Cleaner products are safe and sustainable:

– The reusable bottle ships empty (saving on energy and shipping costs)

– The bottle comes with a recyclable “pod” full of cleaning fluid.

– Fill the bottle with 32 ounces of tap water, screw on the pod until it clicks, releasing the cleaner.

– Screw off, toss in the recycle bin and then screw on the spray nozzle.

– When out, keep your bottle and simply purchase more pods

Good Green Cleaner believes that cleaning your home should be an experience that takes you back into nature and delivers a higher sense of purpose. Good for your family, home, and the earth.

With the holidays coming up, we’ll be having more people, together, indoors. Let’s keep it clean with Good Green Cleaner – safe for people, better for the environment.

Check out Good Green Cleaner for bio-based, non-toxic, earth-friendly cleaning products that help eliminate single-use plastic. Find it on Amazon.

Congrats Good Green Cleaner!

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