ChicExecs PR Secures Global Grub in Red Tricycle

Our latest PR feature is for our client Global Grub in Red Tricycle!

This holiday season, gift-giving will be all about the experience – what families and friends can do together at home, in small groups. Global Grub is THAT gift. Creators of DIY food kits, the company makes it simpler to tackle various global cuisines and create memorable cooking adventures with loved ones.

The unique DIY kits include the key shelf-stable ingredients and special cooking tools. Home cooks just add their favorite fresh/basic items to customize to their tastes.

With the new fortune cookie kit featured in Red Tricycle’s roundup of baking kits, you’ll learn how to fold this classic Chinese takeout treat in seconds. Plus, spread good fortune and cheer with personalized messages. Use the 60 pre-written paper fortunes or write your own delicious destiny with the included edible ink pen. Write a custom message for special occasions, big announcements, or just for fun.

Also included in the kit is a silicone baking mat. Makes four batches of 12 cookies each. It’s recommended that beginners start with two cookies until they get the hang of it. Simply add eggs, vanilla or almond extract, and salt to the provided ingredients and you’ll be all set to make your creation. So much fun!

Feeling extra crafty? This fortune cookie making kit is reusable so you can get creative again and again with different flavors and decorations. Add flavorings, colors, dipping chocolate,  sprinkles, and more!

Other popular kits are the Mochi Japanese ice cream delicacy and a sushi-making kit. All kits come with step-by-step cooking instructions so home cooks can successfully handcraft these specialty meals and treats.

Check out Global Grub for DIY food kits that will have you enjoying international cuisine in no time. The fortune cookie kit sells for $27.99.

Congrats Global Grub!



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