ChicExecs PR Secures Fifth & Cherry in Clean Eating

Our latest PR feature is for our client Fifth & Cherry in Clean Eating!

In an article on Cutting Boards 101, Clean Eating interviewed Fifth & Cherry Founders Tim and Tanya Reazor, who provided their insight on how to choose, utilize, and maintain this key kitchen tool.

“There are three woods that are ideal cutting surfaces: Maple, which is the most popular for cutting boards, cherry and walnut, which is more scarce and expensive,” Tanya explains. “But there are many, many woods on the spectrum that are just not good.”

The couple emphasized the importance of eliminating plastic boards from your kitchen supplies.

“When you’re cutting on plastic, microplastics are going into your food with every cut,” Tim notes. “One of the quickest ways to get oil and plastic into your system is to cut on and eat off of a plastic cutting board.”

To avoid this, Fifth & Cherry offers premium wood cutting boards that are in a league of their own. Seasoned hosts, serious chefs, and master grillers know to use these gorgeous butcher block boards for family parties, backyard barbecues, brunch, and graduation celebrations. It makes all the difference in organizing any get-together, whether you’re barbecuing, arranging a charcuterie board, or serving side dishes. 

These cutting boards are made to last and bring a modern elegance to gatherings. The work that goes into making each custom board is impressive. The cutting boards are built from responsibly harvested American Black Cherry Wood with perfect density making them 100% food safe. The boards are also steel reinforced to prevent them from separating and warping while also being hand clamped and glued to avoid delamination – virtually no one does this except Fifth & Cherry.

Check out Fifth & Cherry and enjoy eating and indulging in the creative presentation of food that the boards so beautifully capture. Find the cutting boards here.

Congrats Fifth & Cherry!

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