ChicExecs PR Secures FGBG Lifestyle in Authority Magazine

Our latest PR feature is for our client FGBG Lifestyle in Medium’s Authority Magazine!

With the acronym FGBG (Feel Great. Be Great), you know this brand has the right attitude!

Founders Jessica and Melissa Medri were interviewed as part of the series about the women in wellness. They shared their top five lifestyle tweaks that they believe support a person’s wellness journey, including eating healthy and taking vitamins.

FGBG is a fun brand of yummy women’s vitamins, wellness supplements, and tanning gummies that set the mood for a healthy, glowing spring and summer ahead. With flavors like “Miami Vice,” you know these are anything but traditional boring varieties.

The twin sisters worked at a pharma center while in school, realizing how hard it was to eat healthy and remember to take standard supplements. That led to the creation of women’s gummies that were made to be enjoyed on the go and even as a snack. FGBG’s gummies are formulated with pectin instead of gelatin, pleasing today’s health-conscious consumers with various dietary preferences.

The sisters founded their brand on the philosophy that when you feel great, you are great. This way of thinking is their motivation to formulate the highest quality vitamins and supplements ethically sourced and handled with care.

The cute packaging looks great on any counter, reminding you to take them daily for an all-around great day. The vitamins are designed for busy women and come in small packets, great as a snack, too. Plus, the CBD gummies help every day feel more relaxed and stress-free. You can also get a glowing tan by eating tanning gummies so that you can put that messy tanning lotion away. What a fun way to get ready for summer!

Check out FGBG Lifestyle and get your day started the right way. Find the vitamins and supplements here.

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