ChicExecs PR Secures Fernweh Editions on MSN

Our latest PR feature is for our client Fernweh Editions on MSN!

Fernweh Editions brings the Mediterranean, the Pacific Northwest, and New England to your home this fall for a fragrant and elegant experience. You’ll be wanting to pack your bags when possible after reveling in these luxury scent-filled candles!

The travel-inspired collection of hand-poured soy wax candles elevate spirits and enhance decor for upcoming entertaining. 

No need to pack your bags just yet, these candles deliver the travel experience to you at the most opportune time! Tales of these three regions will captivate your scenes this season. The noteworthy scents are environmentally friendly, made from soy wax (no paraffin fumes or headaches), and provide a longer burn.

Founded by fragrance and travel enthusiast Larissa Pickens, she brings more than 15 years of experience working for beauty and lifestyle brands Calvin Klein, Estee Lauder, and Conde Nast to her exciting new brand. She was inspired to create candles that focused on storytelling. She even chose the desire for travels as the brand’s name, Fernweh, German for “a longing for faraway places.” 

“My inspiration was to create a unisex sensory journey where each scent reflects an adventure, feeling, and place,” says Larissa.

The Winter Pines candle from the New England collection was featured on MSN in its roundup of best scented candles to make your home smell amazing.

Winter Pines celebrates the first snow of the year settling on the pines and all that goes with it. A warm blend of pine with top notes of mint, citrus, nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove, mid notes of lavender and eucalyptus, and base notes of pine, woody, and vanilla. The candle has 110 hours of burn time to get you through winter.

Check out Fernweh Editions and create your own story with its luxurious travel-inspired candles. Find the Winter Pines candle here.

Congrats Fernweh Editions!


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