ChicExecs PR Secures ESTAS Beauty in Byrdie

Our latest PR feature is for our client ESTAS Beauty in Byrdie!

ESTAS Beauty is the first line of luxury skincare for scars. The brand is on a mission to change the societal stigma against scars.

In an article titled, “ESTAS Beauty Is Bringing Awareness to the Importance of Scar Care,” the brand’s inception, product line, and future endeavors were highlighted.

As co-founder Cristina Beltran told Byrdie, “Scars can never go away. But, they can feel good and become healthier with the right care.”

For Belatran and co-founder Alejandra Thompson, every scar tells a story. As Cristina tells it on the brand’s website:

“I have a scar that runs down the entire length of my chest. At age 24, I went into sudden cardiac arrest, and nobody could figure out why. My heart stopped, I went into a coma, and my parents were told I had a 7% survival rate. Later it was decided that to keep me alive, I’d need open heart triple bypass surgery. When my doctor told me, the first thing I asked was, “Am I going to have a scar?

“Today I love my scar. Over the years, I’ve nurtured and conditioned it.

“It makes me feel special, and I wear it like a badge of honor. But I’ll never forget that my first instinct was to hate it and conceal it. A few years later, I caught up with a friend, Alejandra Thompson, who had recently had a C-section.

“She told me she was struggling with her scar and that she didn’t like how it looked or how it felt. She tried a few creams, but they were sticky and greasy, so she stopped using them. She didn’t even want to touch her scar.”

This was the genesis of ESTAS Beauty’s product line that today is helping thousands love their scars.

Check out  ESTAS Beauty and learn more about the many ways to treat and care for scars. Find their offerings here.

Congrats ESTAS Beauty!

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