ChicExecs PR Secures Erin’s Elderberries In All Recipes

Our latest PR feature is for our client Erin’s Elderberries in All Recipes.

Erin Mann, founder of Erin’s Elderberries, is a registered holistic nutrition coach, entrepreneur, and momma of one. Thanks to her various roles, she is closely familiar with her grocery shopping options and budget. Erin and her family have seen and felt the changes the current pandemic has placed on everyone.

Her expertise as a nutrition coach helping people find a healthy balance in their diet and as the one who does the food shopping proved to be valuable for this exclusive article with All Recipes.

The article covers Erin’s shopping habits that she has had to adjust during the past two years and her suggestions for readers when they do their grocery shopping. Things such as having a strategy before going to the store (a shopping list, staying close to home to minimize exposure to unnecessary items), a flexible family meal plan, and versatile ingredients. 

By shopping at farmer’s markets, Erin can buy the “freshest, most seasonal, and most nutrient-dense versions of foods as possible.” This way she is serving the best and healthiest option to her family. While she knows she could save money if she didn’t prioritize organic foods, this isn’t a place where she prefers to save. “There are some things that I just will not buy non-organic, so I try to save in other areas to accommodate for that,” she says.

No stranger to finding health and organic options in her career, this skill became useful when Erin needed a remedy for a health scare when her son was one-years-old. Researching the abundant benefits of elderberries, she started Erin’s Elderberries as a way to provide other mommas with an alternative to supplements and chemicals and to educate parents on the benefits of elderberries.

Check out Erin’s Elderberries for more ways to boost your child’s health, just like Erin did. Available online here.


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