ChicExecs PR Secures EQUO in Woman’s Day

Our latest PR feature is for our client EQUO in Woman’s Day!

EQUO is a sustainable brand delivering easy solutions that harness the power of raw nature to replace single-use plastics. The product line includes drinking straws made from grass, rice, coconut, coffee, sugarcane and wooden and sugarcane utensils. EQUO products do not ask you to learn or change your actions or behavior. They are easy, no-brainer switches so simple you may not even notice them – even though Mother Nature does. All products are 100% plastic-free, biodegradable, and compostable, leaving the earth as naturally as they came in.

Founder MarinaTran-Vu discovered the eco-conscious landscape of Vietnam during her travels. She brought that knowledge to the U.S. and Canadian markets while still supporting farmers in Vietnam by using raw materials from local farms for the EQUO product line.

The brand was included in the Woman’s Day roundup of the best alcohol gifts for the loved one who loves their booze. They noted, “All natural and edible, these rice drinking straws from EQUO are an ideal gift for those who like to sip their drink slow. The straws hold up in your drinks for three to four hours and once you’re done, you can cook them down for a rice-based dish.” 

The brand expanded its line with natural utensils made from residual sugarcane fiber (bagasse) from the plant after it has been harvested and squeezed for its juice. By diverting this agricultural waste from the landfills, the brand promotes a circular economy while producing a sustainable and durable plastic-free alternative. The sugarcane utensils are not coated with wax or plastic and are grease-resistant and soak-proof, making them perfectly sustainable for quick food restaurants, concessions, caterers, hospitality, and more.

Check out EQUO and see how this brand is helping all of us become a bit more sustainable in our everyday lives. Find them on  Amazon and the EQUO website.

Congrats EQUO!








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