ChicExecs PR Secures ElliptiGo in In Touch Magazine

Our latest PR feature is for our client ElliptiGO® in In Touch Magazine!

ElliptiGO® makes the world’s first collection of elliptical and stand up bicycles to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience, and A-list celebrities like Jennifer Lopez are taking notice of its empowering fitness capabilities. She’s featured on the UpClose page out and about on her very own ElliptiGO® bike.

While J. Lo is known for her daring workouts, this is one bike craze anyone can get behind. ElliptiGO® provides low impact exercise that gets you out in the fresh air you’re missing by using a stationary elliptical machine or spin bike instead.

It’s more than a cool piece of celebrity workout gear, the brand is becoming a fitness revolution that  30,000 and counting are getting behind. This stand up bike is motivating people of all ages with diverse fitness goals from the health-conscious to serious competing athletes. There’s a reason they’re skipping the indoor workout for fresh air that empowers the body, mind, and the soul.

ElliptiGO® bikes are low impact, gentle on joints in your knees, hips, ankles, and back. They give you a full-body workout, engaging your core, upper body, and legs. You also burn more calories—33 percent more than a traditional bicycle.

Designed with no bike seat, they’re more comfortable to ride. Using an ElliptiGO® bike gives you a carefree exercise experience of “running on air” with speed and motion, and you can ride on the same paths you walk, jog, run, and bike on. During bad weather, it converts to stationary use indoors with a special accessory sold separately.

ElliptiGO® offers three families of models based on your needs. Whether you’re looking for an off-roading companion, want to target specific muscles in a time-efficient manner, or favor a long-stride bike for your athletic training needs, ElliptiGO® has a bike for everyone.

Check out ElliptiGO® for the stand up elliptical bikes that will transform your fitness routine.

Congrats ElliptiGO®!







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