ChicExecs PR Secures EDX Education in Very Well Family

Our latest PR feature is for our client EDX Education in Very Well Family.

For parents and caretakers looking to provide some screen-free fun, EDX Education is a must-have in the home. Their ideal blend of cognitive development and screen-free fun makes them an absolute favorite with adults and kids alike.

With over 25 years of child development experience, EDX Education has been a leader in providing the finest toys and tools for in-classroom use. As the pandemic shifted learning to be more home-based, they shifted with us to offer families the STEAM-focused toys their kids love right at home.

EDX Education was recently featured in an article by Very Well Family. The article highlighted two products that are among the best obstacle courses for kids.

The first product included was the Step-A-Trail. This product uses different height stepping stones and logs to teach balance and movement while increasing your child’s sense of coordination. It’s ideal for toddlers and younger kids and allows them to build their imagination through wonderful stories they will create. The rubber bottom and textured top provide a better grip, making the Step-A-Trail a great option for safe play.

The Step-A-Forest collection was also spotlighted. It offers 22 pieces for increased and engaging challenges children love. The variety of arrangements means kids are constantly overcoming new challenges and building skills in a new way.

EDX Education understands the importance of letting kids learn and grow through exploration. The brand has dedicated its resources and research team to designing toys that encourage unstructured play for the best screen-free fun.

Check out EDX Education for more ways to play, learn, and create, excellent resources for building children’s gross motor skills, balance, and coordination. Find the Step-A-Trail here and the Step-A-Forest here and see how to make learning fun!

Congrats EDX Education!

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