ChicExecs PR Secures Ecomended in Prevention


Our latest PR feature is for our client Ecomended in Prevention!

Its not easy to maintain an eco-friendly or even, dare I say it, zero-waste lifestyle, but with Ecomended, you can find anything from personal care items to home products. So go with Ecomended this Earth Day to help you reduce your impact on the environment at prices that you can afford. The brand was featured giving one of its helpful tips for simple things you can do to save the planet anytime of the year.

Ecomended suggests repurposing old t-shirts. Cleaning your home is no easy feat, but choosing your cleaning tools can be! Instead of going out to buy paper towels or sponges (which can become bacteria-ridden after several uses), why not try using an old t-shirt as a wash cloth? Not only are you repurposing things you had around the house, but they can be used over and over again.

Make the transition to a more eco-friendly lifestyle with a variety of Ecomended products. Discover the Leaf Leather Tote made by hand from Teak leaves. These sustainable vegan materials are renewable resources. The unique patterns and textures created by using Teak leaves and the shells of tamarind fruit are stunning and give each piece its own unique character.  These environmentally friendly products are colored with all natural dyes and are certifiably vegan.

If you’re really looking to do your part in creating less harmful environmental waste, start replacing your single-use cutlery, bowls, plates and cups with BPA-free wheat straw fiber. It’s lightweight, dishwasher safe and as durable as your metal flatware or ceramics.

Ecomended also carries eco-friendly personal care items. Made from high-quality argan base vegetable oils, you wont miss the rich, creamy lather of your liquid hair product. They are hand-poured in-store and they make a variety of adorable shapes for both sizes. The shampoo bars can be used as a body soap/hand soap as well!

Check out Ecomended for the products that incorporate sustainable practices into your lifestyle.

Congrats Ecomended!

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