ChicExecs PR Secures Dr. Nigma Talib on The Doctors

Our latest PR feature is for our client Dr. Nigma Talib on The Doctors!

Celebrity naturopath Dr. Nigma Talib, best-selling author of “Younger Skin Starts in the Gut,” shared how the food you eat can show up on your face with The Doctors. She discussed the best probiotics for your gut health, and if it’s good for the gut, it can also help your skin.

Reversing the signs of aging and educating the public about achieving overall better health has made Dr. Nigma a sought-after source for skincare. Her name might be new to some, but celebs such as Kate Bosworth, Penelope Cruz, and Gwyneth Paltrow swear by this naturopathic doctor’s treatments and healthy eating approach.

Based in L.A., Dr. Nigma offers beauty supplements and skincare products that are a must-have, such as Dr. Nigma’s Beauty in a Bottle. Her inside-out approach to health, wellness, and beauty focus on improving gut health for skincare. She believes skin is a mirror of what’s happening in the gut and her products give skin that glow we all desire. She advocates for a rich, nutrient-filled diet with vegetables and fruits.

Her approach to younger-looking skin, free of age spots and wrinkles, is loved by those focused on improving their skincare. Dr. Nigma says eating the wrong foods is bad for your digestion and even worse, it shows up on your face as wrinkles, blemishes, bags, and more. She has illustrated this by coining the terms “sugar face,” “gluten face,” “wine face,” and “dairy face.” 

Dr. Nigma is on a mission to educate consumers on everyday health issues that affect the quality of life. She does this by lecturing worldwide, appearing on TV segments focused on health and eating, and authoring books that target what it means to look and feel younger. Her credentials are impressive, with more than 17 years of experience.

Check out Dr. Nigma’s Healthyflora probiotics on healthydoc.com.

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