ChicExecs PR Secures Dear Ava in Oprah Magazine Online

Our latest PR feature is for our client Dear Ava in Oprah Magazine Online!

The love between a Mother and Daughter is forever. Show your love for Mom with this beautiful gift symbolizing the connection between Mother and Daughter.

Dear Ava’s line of amazingly considerate and exquisite personalized jewelry and spa gift boxes is the epitome of sincerity. We can all agree that gift-giving isn’t easy. Everyone is unique and has to develop their own philosophies on how to give meaningfully to friends, family, and loved ones. The pressure to find gifts that suit a person’s needs can be a source of stress, especially during the holidays.

Dear Ava eliminates the anxiety of choosing the right gift and offers dozens of gorgeous ideas for just about every person in your life. Friends, all different types of family members, teachers, healthcare professionals, coworkers, your favorite hairdresser, the list goes on. They offer lovely options for all major holidays and milestones, even the ones that aren’t always so happy. Their Zodiac line allows you to shop by specific birthdays and shares a charming note regarding the recipient’s characteristics.

Oprah Magazine Online recognized the Mother and Daughter double-stranded necklace as a meaningful gift idea for the mom who says she has everything.

Perhaps the best part of each and every Dear Ava gift is the eloquently written message that accompanies the item. A heartfelt note that is simple, kind, and uplifting – often something that can be hard for people to convey.

Now is the time to strengthen our bonds with the people in our lives that make a difference, the people we love, the people we are thankful for, the people that we want to make smile. The art of giving meaningful gifts does just that.

Check out Dear Ava to enjoy the entire line, also available on Amazon.com.

Congrats Dear Ava!


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