ChicExecs PR Secures City Bonfires in Yahoo! Life

Our latest PR feature is for our client City Bonfires in Yahoo! Life.

Sweaters and candles are great options for holiday gifts, but sometimes a present that makes daily life much easier is exactly what your loved ones need.

Add some light and cozy fire vibes to your next holiday get-together with City Bonfires.

The brand designs portable mini bonfires you can use anywhere outdoors. Easy to light and extinguish, simply bundle up, sit back, relax and enjoy s’mores or a glass of wine while staying warm on a cool night. The bonfires are reusable so you get many happy moments from a single can.

City Bonfires is handmade with recyclable steel tins, non-toxic soy wax, and eco-friendly, all-natural biodegradable briquettes. These portable bonfires are made with love in Maryland with American-made materials by two dads whose jobs were impacted by COVID-19.

Great for camping, hiking, beach, or backyard activities, it conveniently fits in a beach bag or backpack. Create a compact fire that’s easy to light and extinguish with no mess to clean up (just cover the lid to put the fire out).

Light the four cubes with a torch lighter and easily extinguish the biodegradable briquettes once you’re done. The tin is filled with non-toxic food-grade soy wax where the entire surface becomes the flame, creating a beautiful warm mobile heat source. It’s the perfect substitution for a messy fire pit with no embers to worry about. 

Yahoo! Life recently featured the brand as part of its gift guide for clever and innovative products that make life simpler and better. They especially loved the versatility the brand and product bring to all walks of life.

From starry nights under the sky to making s’mores while watching holiday movies, City Bonfires is sure to make these moments extra special. Find them online here.

Congrats City Bonfires!


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