ChicExecs PR Secures Cincha in BuzzFeed

Our latest PR feature is for our client Cincha in BuzzFeed.

Traveling can be a stressful event. Making sure you arrive on time, finding the right gate, dealing with all the cancellations lately.

Our client Cincha are airport pros and while they can’t hurry up a delayed flight, they can make that airport hustle much easier.

Founded in 2019 by BIPOC couple Ash and James, this Oakland-based brand believes that keeping your luggage secure should also be stylish. Make airport and vacation time easier with the ever-popular Travel Belt.

As frequent fliers themselves, the couple knows how frustrating it can be to keep your luggage, jackets, carry-ons, and personal bags altogether. Their travel belts are as chic as they are convenient on your travel day.

Made for busy travelers who need their hands free, parents handling extra bags (and kids), or anyone looking to simplify their travel setup. The Travel Belt is designed with a quick-release buckle and an extra snug fit to give you the perfect amount of tight hold and easy access. Your bulky coat and carry-on stay with your luggage when you need them to and removing one or both items won’t cause you any unnecessary finessing.

Here’s what just one customer had to say about their Travel Belt:

“OMG! I love the Travel Belt….I’ve tried bungees, straps and a number of other “contraptions” – but this is what I was trying to fashion for my backpack all these years. It attaches to my carryon easily; it has a metal clasp and it cinches up great! I drop the travel belt in my backpack when it’s not in use.  I SIMPLY LOVE IT!”

Cincha also offers a personalization option allowing customers to include up to three hand-painted initials, all done by an Oakland-based artist. The brand gives back by donating airline miles to Miles4Migrants, a non-profit dedicated to reuniting families separated by war, disasters, and persecution.

The Travel Belt was featured in a recent BuzzFeed article highlighting the best travel accessories to make your trip simple and easy.

Visit Cincha to find all their stylish Travel Belt options, along with their other travel essentials for smooth flights. Available through their website here


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