ChicExecs PR Secures CHIDO and Califino in People en Español

Our latest PR feature is for our clients Califino and CHIDO in People en Español!

In an article titled, “Celebrate Summer Nights and Good Amiguis with these 14 Tequila Cocktail Recipes,” both brands were featured with delicious concoctions for the season, including CHIDO’s  ‘Hot Mess? No, Call Me the Spicy Disaster’ and Crackheads’ Pomegranate CaliFino. “Summer is already halfway done, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep celebrating like it just kicked off. From the sweet to the savory these 14 cocktails will be a smash hit at your BBQ or pool party.”

CaliFino Tequila, located in San Diego, is a young high-end sipping tequila company designed to enhance any moment into a finer drinking experience. Straight from the Highlands of Arandas, Jalisco in Mexico, CaliFino takes pride in creating all of its expressions using 100% ultra-premium blue weber agave. CaliFino tequila is made from the heart of the blue agave plant featuring a 200-hour fermentation process that makes all the difference. The wait is well worth it, creating a full-bodied tequila in custom-molded bottles.

CHIDO is like your vacay in a can, a natural low-calorie cocktail. Made with real Blanco tequila, CHIDO serves delicious flavors filled with good vibration that treats each can as a mini getaway. CHIDO means “all good,” as in “How are you doing? I’m chido!” With five flavor-filled varieties, there’s sure to be one that captures your tastebuds and lifts your spirits for the good things in life, one can at a time. Try the classic sea salt, tequila, and lime margarita or the spicy watermelon, all that’s needed to concoct a drinking experience that serves up positive energy and delightful moments best enjoyed with friends.

Check out CHIDO and Califino and find tequila recipes that will make summer a refreshing time when gathering with family and friends.

Congrats CHIDO and Califino!

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