ChicExecs PR Secures Caribu in The New York Times

Our latest PR feature is for our client Caribu in The New York Times!

Caribu, the #1 family-activity video-calling app, can help give parents the break they need while keeping kids engaged, learning and having fun! Let a trusted friend challenge a youngster in an interactive game or coloring activity, auntie can help an early reader practice her read-aloud skills and grandma and grandpa can take on a few night time duties with a special story hour, all while parents take a much deserved moment for themselves.

On March 17, the American Academy of Pediatrics published a statement in response to the new coronavirus that reflected a different approach to screentime. The statement acknowledged that kids screen media use will likely increase  during the coronavirus pandemic, but did not offer alternate time limits. But instead of focusing on how much time your children spend in front of a screen, one recommendation is to approach their media use in terms of who they are, what they’re watching and how you’re interacting with them. This is what one doctor and others are calling the Three Cs  framework: child, content and context.

Caribu falls into the context category ”how we interact with our children around the media ”matters too. In these moments, kids can also connect in real time with friends or other family using apps like Caribu, which allows your child to read a book or color with someone remotely. Caribu allows kids to create special moments with their loved ones and friends by going on a virtual playdate no matter how far away they are. They can read books from an extensive library of popular titles, play games, color or even cook from a recipe together in a video-call. AT&T is now helping Caribu give parents a break and keep families connected by funding 60 days of FREE unlimited access of Caribu, now FREE for families until May 24 thanks to AT&T!

Check out Caribu for the app that connects your child’s media use with real-world experiences.

Congrats Caribu!

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