ChicExecs PR Secures Caribu in Good Housekeeping

Our latest PR feature is for our client Caribu in Good Housekeeping!

Caribu is the app making virtual playdates with friends and family easier than ever before. They’ve just gone free for friends and family members to stay connected and make memories during the coronavirus outbreak! Due to growing concerns and quarantines over the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 400 million children around the world have been dismissed from school, are missing friends and are unable to see their extended families. Featured as an ideal app for remote playdates and keeping kids social during the COVID-19 outbreak, Caribu is helping bridge the gap created by social distancing and self-isolation by making their award-winning service free with unlimited access during this tumultuous time.

Whether your child wants to virtually meet up with a group of school friends or simply chat one-on-one with a buddy for a few minutes, continuing to interact socially is vital to their well being. This app also helps kids stay connected as they would in a school setting, making it possible for them to read to each other, work on a project together or attempt a simple game. In fact, the kids don’t even have to talk ” they might simply find comfort in having a friend around.

With Caribu, kids can create special moments with their friends and loved ones by going on a virtual playdate where they can read books from an extensive library of popular titles, play games and even color together in a video-call. Caribu is a way to stay connected and build memories year-round but especially during a time where millions of families are under self-quarantine. The app connects kids with friends and relatives anywhere in the world.

Check out Caribu for the app that helps you easily create a virtual playdate for your child.

Congrats Caribu!

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