ChicExecs PR Secures Burn Pit BBQ and 1934 in Men’s Journal

Our latest PR feature is for our clients Burn Pit BBQ and 1934 in Men’s Journal.

Whether you grill in the summer or smoke in the winter, firing up the grill for some fall-off-the-bone barbeque is one of the best meals ever. But a rack of ribs is only as good as the sauce you use.

Gathering the best sauces to wow you and your loved one, Men’s Journal highlighted 10 of the tastiest barbeque sauces you’ll ever eat. Our client Burn Pit BBQ was featured for its robust and mouthwatering flavors.

Burn Pit BBQ originally started as a blog to connect grill enthusiasts from across the country over their love of all things barbeque. Launched in 2020 by a Marine Corps veteran, Burn Pit sought to satisfy the need for delicious sauces that are wholesome while still maintaining full flavor.

Burn Pit sauces, rubs, and seasonings are proudly made in Wisconsin with insight from the best chefs and grill masters. They use all-natural ingredients without any cholesterol, MSG, or corn syrup. Just tasty ingredients to make the most of every cut of beef.

Men’s Journal featured the Pogey Bait Sweet Honey BBQ sauce for its sweet, all-natural flavors that work well with brisket, seafood, and burgers.

Our client 1934 was also featured in the same article for its crave-worthy creations.

1934 is Central Texas’ original barbeque sauce. It has been a favorite and must-have by locals in Waco and the surrounding area since first being shared at a fundraising event in 1934.

Formally available exclusively at this event for over six decades, 1934 was launched in 2017 to continue the legacy of the founder’s grandfather. Craft a sauce that awakens the senses with top-shelf, natural ingredients and share that recipe with as many people as possible.

The 1934 Original recipe sauce was featured in the article, along with an appreciation for the Smoke, Heat, and Sweet Onion recipes.

Try out all the sauces today to elevate your grilling and smoking skills! Find the Burn Pit sauce here and the 1934 sauce here.

Congrats Burn Pit BBQ and 1934!

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