ChicExecs PR Secures Boppy in HuffPost

Our latest PR feature is for our client Boppy in HuffPost!

The Total Body Pillow gives pregnancy and postpartum support from head to toe. The full body design supports your bump, hips, lower back and shoulders in one. Its contoured design supports you exactly where you need it. Angled to wrap around your head and neck to take pressure off your shoulders. Curved to match your natural leg line when side sleeping, the Total Body Pillow pads your knees and aligns your hips to help alleviate hip and lower back discomfort.

The pillow’s center is designed to cradle your bump as you and baby grow. Great for sleeping and for getting comfy while lounging at home.

The easy wrap design adds back and knee support while lounging on the sofa or sitting up in your bed to read or create your online baby registry.

The soft, breathable pillow cover provides cooling comfort. The pillow and the pillow cover are both machine washable, so it is easy to clean. The pillow is large enough to support your whole body while still fitting in most washing machines.

The Boppy Total Body Pregnancy Pillow is part of a full line of Boppy maternity pillows designed to support the varying needs of pregnancy. All prenatal pillows support pre- and post-birth and help you get comfortable while sitting or sleeping.

Eboni S. Hollier, MD, FAAP (Mommy MD) says, “Because of its length and contour, it efficiently supports many physical issues commonly experienced during pregnancy including back pain and increased pelvic pressure.”

In a HuffPost feature on the best pregnancy body pillows to get a good night’s sleep, Boppy’s full-body pregnancy pillow was included for providing support and proper alignment for the neck, head, back hips, and tummy.

Check out Boppy for the mama looking for all the plush comfort she can get. Find it on Amazon.

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