ChicExecs PR Secures Böhme in Romper

Our latest PR feature is for our client Böhme in Romper!

Böhme’s Sunshine Tiered Midi Dress in plum was featured in a round-up on flowy dresses for comfy attire while you’re homeschooling. Add a little bit of flair to your educator persona in this beautifully shaped-dress (priced at $54.50) that will instill respect from your pupils. You’ll be a taskmaster with style in this loose-fitting outfit perfect for virtual learning!

Your daily attire is essential to ensuring that you’re really soaking in every whim of the day. That’s where Böhme’s stunning, flowy sundresses or a one-piece and cut-offs work perfectly for a full day of no stress and all fun. They also have sunglasses and super cute tees! From a Zoom meeting to the couch, Böhme is your one-stop free spirit shop.

For Böhme, fashion isn’t just about clothing. It’s about finding your personal style and discovering what makes you feel your best. Each piece of clothing is designed and crafted with quality and style in mind. A team of designers and buyers search worldwide to curate the best materials and manufacturers.

Founded in ​2006 by sisters Vivien and Fernanda Böhme, this award-winning brand offers an online boutique shopping experience in addition to physical retail stores located in Utah, Idaho, Iowa, South Dakota, and Montana. Immigrating to the U.S. from Brazil as young children, both possess a strong work ethic and willingness to learn which is paving their way to success in the fashion industry.  Böhme’s​ private label is manufactured both in the USA and abroad working only with factories that provide a living wage and humane working conditions, employing more than 250 women. 

Check out Böhme for a versatile wardrobe that is gorgeous and comfortable. Find their line of apparel and accessories on ​www.bohme.com​ or in one of their 16 stores.

Congrats Böhme!



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