ChicExecs PR Secures BetterBody Foods in SheKnows

Our latest PR feature is for our client BetterBody Foods in SheKnows!

The Monk Fruit blend from BetterBody Foods was recognized as one of the most delicious zero-calorie sweeteners on the market today. It’s a mix of monk fruit and erythritol that imitates the sweetness of sugar. This healthier alternative is free of preservatives and has a low glycemic index, measuring only 1 compared to 63 for regular table sugar, which means your blood sugar levels won’t spike or crash.

With no aftertaste, use it everywhere you’d normally use sugar, such as in drinks, baking, and your favorite recipes.  Add it as a sweetener to fruit sparklers, skinny margaritas, barbeque dips, watermelon fruit leather, and strawberry shortcake. Keep the sweetness, not the calories, and stay guilt-free on your diet!

How’s it made? Monk fruit juice is extracted from the flesh of the fruit once the skin and seeds are removed. The Monk fruit juice is processed with heat to extract the sweet flavor. Monk fruit is then blended with erythritol to match the sweetness and 1:1 ratio of sugar.

The BetterBody Foods story all began with agave nectar in 2007. They’ve come a long way since then with dozens of delicious products from more than 20 countries now available including condiments, plant-based spreads, peanut butter, flour and ancient spreads, oat milk, and more.

BetterBody Foods is committed to providing consumers with healthier food choices and believes the journey to a better life starts with better food. They travel the globe to find the best ingredients that will become a staple in your kitchen. As they like to say, life is better when you eat better.

Check out BetterBody Foods for a variety of food ingredients that will help you lead a healthier lifestyle. Find the Monk Fruit blend and their other products on Amazon.

Congrats BetterBody Foods!



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