ChicExecs PR Secures BEAM Minerals in Medium

Our latest PR feature is for our client BEAM Minerals in Medium!

As a part of its series about women in wellness, Medium interviewed founder Caroline Alan who discussed her journey towards wellness and founding the brand.

Gut health is something we may not think about all the time, but it’s vital to our overall well-being.

Health practitioners know that a healthy gut microbiome is the cornerstone of good health. Absorption and assimilation of nutrients, as well as the detoxification of unwanted elements, are key components of creating homeostasis in the gut. The cellular system and the enzymes that run the body need minerals as cofactors for many operations. The body does not produce minerals and we are unable to get enough minerals from the foods we eat.

Alan said, “There are roughly 37 trillion cells in the human body (give or take a few million) and every single cell requires minerals to function. Minerals are not a “nice to have” they are absolutely necessary. If you don’t have them available, your cells struggle to gain or maintain homeostasis, leading to all sorts of malfunctions that result in chronic physical and mental health issues.”

BEAM Minerals was founded by Caroline and her friend, Dan Howard, as a vehicle for promoting the amazing power of plant-based fulvic and humic minerals. Their personal experiences using these completely natural substances transformed their health and their understanding of healing. As a result, Dan and Caroline became “Mineral Evangelists” and are committed to providing completely pure, 100% bioavailable, sustainably produced fulvic and humic products.

With the three brands, they have demonstrated the efficacy of their products and developed a solid platform for the delivery of consistent product quality and customer service.

Check out BEAM Minerals for full-spectrum micronutrient and phytonutrient support for the entire cellular system. Find their products here.

Congrats Caroline and BEAM Minerals!








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