ChicExecs PR Secures Baketivity in Taste of Home

Our latest PR feature is for our client Baketivity in Taste of Home!

Families are struggling to keep kids occupied and away from screens, now more than ever! It’s time to get creative, dust off those aprons and get busy in the kitchen, with Baketivity! Create memories and teach children useful skills, with the fun baking kits. They take the hard work (and dirty dishes) out of the equation.

Baketivity is a genius subscription box catering to kids that delivers delightful kits bursting with new recipes, perfectly pre-measured, individually packaged ingredients, and step-by-step beautifully illustrated instructions. Ingredients are vacuum-packed fresh, recipes are simple and delicious, and each box has everything you need for a tasty time (just add eggs and oil).

It’s no wonder Baketivity was named a best baking supply for kids. Have a budding pastry chef at home? These baking kits offer the in-kitchen projects to nurture their culinary spirit. Choose from different baking sets including cupcakes, cookies, cake pops, bagels, granola bars, and more.

Baking with loved ones is more than just an enjoyable family activity. The process of collaborating, working/talking through a recipe, utilizing kitchen tools, this all instills important skills within a child and serves as a boost of confidence. Learning and eating together is a fantastic way to solidify deep bonds and create cherished, lasting memories. Baketivity offers fabulous, and very affordable one-time kits or you can subscribe to monthly boxes delivered right to your door for continued baking fun!

For more baking activities, the Bake-a-Camp online summer camp brings a new adventure into your kitchen! Order a Bake-a-Camp box for the hands-on virtual summer camp that helps bakers-in-training learn new skills, try out baker-approved tips, and discover the secrets of great baking for a lifetime.

Check out Baketivity for the baking projects that teach young learners a little bit about the science of baking, mixing, and cooking.

Congrats Baketivity!







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