ChicExecs PR Secures Baketivity in Motherly

Our latest PR feature is for our client Baketivity in Motherly!

The baking kit subscription service Baketivity is on a mission this summer to help build tasty skills with a baking camp for kids! Featured as a summer camp alternative, moms love a concept like Bake-A-Camp because it teaches kids tangible lessons and important life skills.

As parents are on the lookout for new ways to make this summer enjoyable and engaging for kids, Bake-A-Camp is the perfect way to play, learn, create family bonding moments and of course, enjoy some super sweet treats! Kids (and let’s be honest, maybe some parents) will develop new skills, try out the best baker-approved tips and cultivate techniques of great baking for a lifetime.

Bake-A-Camp campers will get a big baking box featuring four themed Baketivity kits with pre-measured ingredients, step by step instructions and an activity book… all you need are the eggs, oil and water! Each week’s kit will take campers through progressively advanced recipes and techniques as they explore one theme, or cuisine throughout the month. With hands-on instructions, behind-the-science tips and easy-to-read baking guides, Bake-A-Camp can give any child the skills and confidence to bake like a pro.

Here’s an outline that gives you an idea of each week: 

Week 1: Welcome to Camp! Your Big Baking Box is here and you’re ready to get started with your first recipe, Chocolate Caramel Nuggets Kit! A simple, beginner’s intro to a new baking technique.

Week 2: Time to whip up the next step! Week 2 brings on the second recipe, Cream Puffs! Try out last week’s new skills on an intermediate (and superbly delicious) dish.

Week 3: You’re almost ready for your chef’s hat! As your skills grow, try your hand at a tricker recipe with the Chocolate Log Kit, applying your knowledge and discovering the “why” behind the process of baking.

Week 4: You’re a master baker! The final recipe, the Whipped Gourmet Cupcake Kit! Now it’s time to bring together your new skill set for a dazzlingly delicious result!

Check out Baketivity for the Bake-A-Camp experience that takes on the theme hot outside, sweet inside. For ages 6-11.

Congrats Baketivity!







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