ChicExecs PR Secures Bake Eat Love in Rachel Ray In Season

Our latest PR feature is for our client Bake Eat Love in Rachel Ray In Season!

Baking from scratch is so rewarding but it takes a lot of work. Bake Eat Love cuts out measuring and ingredient shopping so you can get to the fun part! The brand returns the joy of baking with its monthly subscription boxes to help you make your next baking masterpiece. 

Bake Eat Love is the perfect brand to uplift moods and make taste buds happy. Its delicious offering takes the guesswork out of baking with pre-measured items and instructions. 

The brand shares its love for baking by providing unique recipes you won’t find anywhere else with ingredients such as lavender, Madagascar vanilla bean paste, chai spices, and a surprise kitchen gadget. It’s a pleasant, fragrant addition to your at-home lifestyle. 

Rachel Ray In Season agrees and featured the brand in its roundup of the best food subscription boxes according to its staff. They easily made but two different types of gorgeous cupcakes from the recipes –  crème-filled tiramisu and caramel apple.

How do homemade lemon lavender cookies and orange and raspberry macarons sound? Pretty amazing, right? Sign up for a Bake Eat Love subscription package, and you’ll be making delights such as these from scratch. All ingredients, decorations, and original recipes are in the brand’s creative boxes, with unique flavors and specialty, non-perishable products that change monthly. The boxes are also a yummy gift idea that will leave recipients happy and fulfilled with new twists on timeless treats.

Make your baking experience easy with Bake Eat Love, and look forward to each month’s creation while improving your baking skills. Plus, bonus points for ”testing” the product (wink-wink!).

Check out Bake Eat Love and impress family and friends with your newfound baking skills and recipes, each creating 12 to 20 servings. Choose your subscription option here.

Congrats Bake Eat Love!

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