ChicExecs PR Secures Backyard Candles in Apartment Therapy

Our latest PR feature is for our client Backyard Candles in Apartment Therapy!

Backyard Candles makes beautiful coconut candles that naturally fit in with any home decor. Enjoy the brand and know that each item is handmade with upcycled coconut shells that otherwise would have been tossed away, polluting the environment. The unique aromas invigorate a room while creating a serene environment for relaxation and comfort. Boost your self-care regime with a dreamy bath and coconut candles that float.

For Founder Justin Healy, his side hustle resulted in a lucrative business that helped him escape the pressures of corporate life by doing what he loves best – candle making.

Backyard Candles is Justin’s dream come true, realized into a brand that evokes elements from nature to create hand-poured candles made with love and intention. The name Backyard Candles comes from the belief that we all share a collective backyard. The brand’s goal is to represent all backyards and in every form. Hence, why their candles are inspired by the elements – Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. 

The company’s commitment to having a low carbon footprint coupled with its giving back initiative is truly noteworthy. Five percent of profits from the coconut candles (a water symbol) are donated to organizations committed to ocean cleanup and coral reef conservation.

A thoughtful gift, the affordable collection of 53 highly fragrant soy/coconut candles is numbered to match the weeks in the year. All Backyard Candles are phthalate-free and sustainably packaged.

Editor Savannah West of Apartment Therapy reviewed the brand’s candle offerings in an article titled, “These New-to-Me Upcycled Coconut Candles Put My Store-Bought Favorites to Shame.” She noted, “Sometimes unique and homemade items are much more special than something you could grab off the shelf, and that’s another reason why I love these candles. Each has a different shape and texture, and unwrapping one feels super personal, as it includes a hand-written note about its scent.”

Check out Backyard Candles and fall in love with coconut candles hand-poured with intention and sustainability. Find them here.

Congrats Backyard Candles!








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