ChicExecs PR Secures Ayla & Co. in HGTV

Our latest PR feature is for our client Ayla & Co. in HGTV!

Ayla & Co. combines parent-friendly features with simplicity and style to create a diaper bag with a chic vacuum that helps with life’s messy moments.

HGTV selected the Ayla Vacuum as one of the editor’s favorite handheld vacuum cleaners in their online article on the best for 2022.

“If you consistently find yourself running through the car wash just so you can vacuum out your seats (ahem, me), this may be the vacuum for you. Not only is it great for picking up messes in the car (think spilled cereal, dirt and grass), it’s also the perfect size to store in a spare cup holder and can be charged right in the car using the included USB charger. And at only one pound, this handy little helper may even be a worthwhile addition to your diaper bag or stroller.” — Keri Sanders, HGTV Editor

Ayla & Co. offers a complete system aimed at today’s parents with gender-neutral designs and the flexibility to be their best companion. The add-on vacuum looks similar to a water bottle with a modern ergonomic design that complements the bag.

Founders Nikki and Brody Day have gone through their fair share of diaper bags while currently raising four kids. Nikki knew there had to be a better solution than clumpy oversized bags or standard ones that didn’t hold enough. Functionality was key. Others agreed as well. With Brody’s functional approach and Nikki’s fashion-forward touch, they have created the perfect diaper bag system for parents everywhere, allowing them to take on the chaos of parenthood with a little less mess. 

Check out Ayla & Co. for must-have diaper bags organized enough for all mom’s things and minimal enough for dad’s style. Find the add-on Ayla Vacuum here.

Congrats Ayla & Co.!








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