ChicExecs PR Secures August + Monroe and Varenti Beauty in Glamour UK

Our latest PR feature is for our clients August + Monroe and Varenti Beauty in Glamour UK.

Take the time to invest in yourself this month. The makeup from August + Monroe and the beauty tools from Varenti Beauty will change how you view the makeup process and leave you feeling confident all day long.

In an article listing the best beauty products to try this month, Glamour UK featured the Pro Face Brushes by Varenti Beauty. “Varenti Beauty’s Pro Face Brushes are designed to achieve a seamlessly finished look each time, whether you’re using your favourite drug store foundation or a high-end brand. The Pro Blending brush, their best in class must-have, can be used to apply your bronzer and blush with effortless blending. Best of all, Varenti Beauty’s brushes have bristles that feel ultra-soft and have top beauty influencers obsessed.”

Varenti offers six must-have luxury makeup brushes that make application easy and feel super soft against your skin. Every brush is made in Italy, vegan and cruelty-free, and offers 30% more bristles than other brushes on the market.

The article also highlighted the Blemish Camouflage by August + Monroe. “Help reduce the appearance of pimples, acne scars and other skin imperfections on the spot with August + Monroe’s 3-in-1 Blemish Camouflage. This vegan treatment primes, is designed to reduce the look of skin blemishes and its colour-changing technology also mimics your skin tone.”

The 3-in-1 Blemish Camouflage from August+Monroe does much more than cover blemishes and breakouts. The formula is specifically created to prime, conceal, and heal all at once. See results and minimized acne scars after just one use.

Check out Varenti Beauty and August + Monroe to add your new favorite must-haves to your collection. August + Monroe is available here and on Amazon. Varenti Beauty is available here.

Congrats Varenti Beauty and August + Monroe!


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