ChicExecs PR Secures Asha Blooms in Buzzfeed

Our latest PR feature is for our client Asha Blooms in Buzzfeed!

There is something special and unique about selecting pieces of jewelry made with intention for the wearer. A beautiful accessory quickly becomes a work of art and a realization of one’s own strength.

Asha Blooms empowers with encouragement and guidance. Each piece is designed intentionally and consciously sourced to reflect the brand’s mission to create purposeful jewelry. Asha (AH-sha) means “hope” in Hindi and “life” in Swahili. 

The Asian-American-owned brand makes it easy to shop by happiness, gratitude, growth, love, peace, and strength. Its signature necklaces have inspirational messaging on the back of the packaging. All pieces include a postcard to save for yourself or pass on the message to a loved one.

Started by the wife and husband team of Carol and Amar Gavhane, the wearable reminders are created with intention so you can experience lighter and more thoughtful days. Carol’s wearable bracelet helped her remain hopeful through three years of infertility issues. She now offers pieces with affirmations worn for their intention and beauty for others as they go about their day.

Buzzfeed featured the intention bracelets and crescent moon necklace, “You Are Still Standing,” in its roundup of cool fashion brands that should be on your radar. The rose quartz bracelet was highlighted for featuring an everyday meaningful reminder that you are unconditionally loved. The brand received kudos for offering bracelets in four sizes to fit everyone.

The brand’s modern demi-fine jewelry is infused with positive mantras to uplift moods and welcome better days. They give back to women’s organizations such as Dress For Success and Washington Women In Need, which provide grants to women to further their career aspirations.

Check out Asha Blooms for handcrafted purposeful jewelry intended to uplift and inspire. Find them here.

Congrats Asha Blooms!






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