ChicExecs PR Secures Aquapaw in Taste of Home

Our latest PR feature is for our client Aquapaw in Taste of Home.

We love our dogs! They bring so much joy and love into our homes with their goofy habits and big ol’ puppy eyes when begging for treats. But, we don’t love the gross smells they bring inside after a day rolling around in the dirt.

Rather than fighting during bathtime, Aquapaw handles the hard part and makes the whole lather, rinse, repeat process a whole lot easier. So you get to spend less time drenched by an escaping pup and more time taking adorable selfies together.

Minimizing the time and effort to take care of our beloved pets is a top priority for most owners. We want the best for our best friends, which means finding the right tools to get the job done efficiently, especially with hectic schedules and juggling your daily responsibilities.

Aquapaw began with the idea that pet bathing could be made easier by rethinking how we bathe our pets from their perspective. This desire to make life a little bit easier for humans and dogs inspired the Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool.

The world’s first wearable combination sprayer/scrubber, the Pet Bathing Tool can be turned on and off simply by making a fist. You stay in total control and your pet is reassured by the comforting feel of your touch.

In addition to a simpler and easier tool for the actual wash process, Aquapaw also offers a Slow Treater to sneakily keep your furry friend in the tub during the whole bath time.

This innovative treat slow feeder helps persuade pups to get in the tub and keep them there. Simply spread their favorite treat (like peanut butter) in the center and stick it to any smooth surface. The silicone nubs help extend your pup’s enjoyment so you can finish the bath in peace.

Aquapaw allows pet owners everywhere to maintain a clean, healthy, and happy pet by making bathtime a lot less scary and time-consuming.

Check out Aquapaw for all the tools you need to have your pup love bathtime! Find the Slow Treater online here and through Amazon.

Congrats Aquapaw!


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