ChicExecs PR Secures Amarantha Vase in Taste of Home

Our latest PR feature is for our client Amarantha Vase in Taste of Home.

With all the spring flowers in bloom, bringing home a fresh bouquet is a great way to add life and color to your space. But trying to keep them beautiful and last longer than a few days is such a hassle.

You deserve the peace that your favorite flowers create and an easy way to enjoy that serenity.

The latest article in Taste of Home highlighted our client Amarantha Vase as a must-have vase that combines life-changing upgrades with a chic design to elevate your table’s centerpiece.

“You’re going to be as obsessed with the Amaranth Vase as I am for the effort, energy, time and money it saves. The elegant design is just the cherry on top. We’d probably buy it just for how cute it looks on a table or countertop, but the function of this vase simply can’t be beaten. It also makes one of the most thoughtful hostess gifts.”

Amarantha Vase was created to solve an everyday problem that so many people face by bringing bold innovation to home decor. Standard vases haven’t kept up with modern life. Their outdated design still makes changing your flower’s water and trimming stems messy and consuming.

The unique design eliminates this issue entirely! Each vase is made up of a lower and bottom portion that twists together to create a magazine-worthy image. Simply twist to drain the water out of the hole in the base portion. It provides plenty of room to trim stems to keep your bouquet fresher longer cleanly.

Amarantha offers their vase in two sizes (10” and 7”) to accommodate different bouquet sizes and in five different colors to fit any home decor. The proprietary blend of plastic and marble powder makes them tough enough to withstand daily use throughout the years.

Check out Amarantha Vase for the vase recommended by over 100 boutique florists! Available online through Amarantha Vase, Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Grommet.

Congrats Amarantha Vase!

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