ChicExecs PR Secures Amaranth Vase Company in Yahoo! Life

Our latest PR feature is for our client Amaranth Vase Company in Yahoo! Life.

If you ever wondered how to keep your beloved flower arrangement fresh and vibrant longer, The Amaranth Vase Company has an easy solution—no experience as a florist required! Featured as a genius vase will help lengthen the life of your flowers, The Amaranth Vase is the innovative way to care for your fresh cut flowers.

There’s nothing like the feeling of having fresh blooms in your home — they always add a pop of color and a little cheer to the day. But sometimes fresh flowers wilt so fast even if you are doing all the right things to care for them, like using flower food, cutting the stems at an angle and changing the water often.

With The Amaranth Vase you simply twist, drain and trim to help maintain their health and beauty. The  design is just as beautiful as it is smart. Its tapered shape accentuates the beauty of the bouquet while the 3D diamond pattern transforms the vase into a centerpiece of its own! It also comes in several colors to complement your decor.

How it works: Twist off the midsection to drain the old water. It’s less messy and spreads less bacteria than dumping old water out of the top of the vase. Not to mention, your beautiful arrangement remains intact. The rest of the vase holds your bouquet in a neat and organized fashion so you can trim their stems for better water absorption. The Amaranth Vase won’t chip, crack or shatter even when dropped so you can place your lovely flowers anywhere without the worry of breaking delicate glass, ceramic or porcelain.

Check out Amaranth Vase Company for the “smart” vase that’s visually appealing and doubles as a lifesaver for your flowers.

Congrats Amaranth Vase Company!


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