ChicExecs’ Kristen Wessel Shares the Best Gifts for Kids and Women This Holiday on LA Unscripted

ChicExecs’ Kristen Wessel teamed up with LA Unscripted this month to showcase the best gift for moms and kids this holiday season. Take a peek at the great brands featured and enjoy 20% off with code KTLA20. Happy shopping!

Riff Raff Baby

Give the gift of sleep to a new parent! The Riff Raff Baby Sleep Toy is the ultimate lovey that comforts, soothes, and promotes sleep with the magical, and removable, sound machine box. It’s taking the world by storm because it really works! As well as being super cute and offering five lovable animal characters to choose from, the innovative Sleep Toy has been designed by moms for parents to support babies and toddlers with falling asleep and resettling through the use of sound, comfort, and routine – and caretakers love that they’re portable, 100% washable, and super soft for optimal cuddle time with a pacifier safety strap. www.riffraffbaby.com

Psyched Mommy

The “Keeping Mommy in Mind” course from Psyched Mommy is perfect for the moms who are transitioning into motherhood. Dr. Ashurina Ream, PMH-C, is a licensed clinical psychologist with advanced training in perinatal mental health. The lessons are short, practical, and available on-demand and forever, so you can get the support you need. www.psychedmommy.com

Dainty Dagger Jewelry

What “Dainty” and “Dagger” represents are stackable designs for everyday and any occasion. All of the brand’s designs are made in 18k solid gold and natural diamonds and color gemstones. The brand strives to provide the highest quality possible for the price and to be the go-to brand for anyone who is interested in purchasing their very first 18k solid gold jewelry!  www.daintydagger.com/

Bunnies by the Bay

Bunnies By The Bay specializes in creating the most comforting, charming, and thoughtful gifts for babies and toddlers. From loveys, security blankets, and stuffed animals, they are sure to delight the little one in your life. All sets arrive beautifully gift wrapped in a signature holiday gift box, with carrot tissue paper, a logo sticker, and a carrot logo ribbon. They take care of the gift wrapping for you! www.bunniesbythebay.com/

ROMA Boots

This is an amazing brand to support and shop this holiday season! Roma Boots combines fashionable boots and philanthropy all in one. For every pair of ROMA Boots sold, a brand new pair is donated to a child in need. ROMA Boots’ hope is to give poverty the boot by creating trendy boots for the whole family with a mission to give back. Shop their adorable kids’ boots and support children in Ukraine as they continue their goal of donating boots to children who need them most this winter! www.romaboots.com/

Happy Grub

Happy Grub is the only Squeezable Instant Pancake Mix, made of natural and organic ingredients. Designed for the whole family, their mix comes in four great flavors: Buttermilk, Whole Wheat, Yummy Banana, and Apple Cinnamon. Just pick your flavor, pour water into the bottle, shake it up, and squeeze onto a hot surface. The kid friendly squeeze top bottles allow for easy pancake (or waffle) making, without all the mess. People of all skill levels can “draw” shapes, letters, numbers, and all types of designs right onto the pan. www.eathappygrub.com

Sarah’s Silks

Dress up, Decorate, Create, Imagine, Explore, and Learn! Sarah’s Silks is a family-owned business specializing in Waldorf-inspired, sustainable toys for children, inspiring creative play with a wide variety of colorful play silks and other natural, eco-friendly wooden toys that can be combined with play silks for even greater imaginative reach! The Holiday Collection is a must-have as it’s the coziest collection of the year, featuring soothing tones in gorgeous winter-inspired colors and perfect for seasonal nature tables, gift wrapping, dress-up fun, and open-ended play. It’s paired with new Celestial pieces for a truly magical holiday season-feel! They have great stocking stuffers, too! www.sarahssilks.com/

Happy Holidays from ChicExecs!


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