ChicExecs Features Ways To Stay Healthy This Holiday Season on Houston CW39

Our latest PR feature is for five of our clients on Houston Happens, hosted by Hannah Trippet!

ChicExecs’ lifestyle expert, Sydney Bennett, discussed brands that put health at the forefront and help you, your plants, and your pets stay healthy during the holidays. Take a look at the products highlighted in the segment.

RELEVATE By NeuroReserve
RELEVATE by NeuroReservie is a science-based nutritional supplement that supports brain health, memory, cognition, and focus. Developed by those that know the brain best – a team of neurologists, nutritional experts, and researchers – this is a comprehensive aid to keep our brains young. RELEVATE helps us achieve the nutritional profile of the most powerful, evidence-backed brain healthy diets, linked to significantly improved maintenance of cognitive abilities and substantially reduced risk of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. neuroreserve.com
Brown Sugar By Kesha Janaan
This natural skincare brand features handmade products with organic ingredients and minimal processing. Crafted by Kesha Janaan, the lines luscious body butters and oils, bath salts, soaps, and scrubs all create a relaxing self-care experience. With the winter months approaching, adding these beauty essentials to your wellness routine is essential. Kesha makes it easy! www.keshajanaan.com/
Keep your plants alive with Planta! This app does it all to make you the best plant parent. The app will notify you when it’s time to water, fertilize, mist, clean and repot. The user-friendly interface creates individual care schedules and reminders for your plants to keep them nourished and thriving. www.getplanta.com/
Joe-Le Soap
Joe-Le Soap provides soaps, body butters, hair treatments, and lip conditioners that do not contain harsh chemicals or common irritants brought on by synthetic fragrances and artificial ingredients. All products are handmade in small batches, vegan, and paraben-free. Their mission is to provide an all natural product line with safe ingredients that will exfoliate, soften, and aid you along the path of improving the appearance of your skin the natural way. www.joe-lesoap.com
Natural Farm
Dogs deserve natural, delicious and lab-tested products…in addition to endless kisses and belly scratches, so let’s give them the best, let’s give them Natural Farm. The best selling bully sticks on Amazon, Natural Farm produces the very best natural dog chews — from their farm to your home. They specialize in treats, chews, and bones that are hormone-free, without any additives, chemicals or artificial colors. Sourced from a single supplier of free-range cattle, chickens and pigs, all proteins are sustainably obtained so they know precisely what is in their dog treats without any surprises. www.naturalfarmpet.com/
Here’s wishing you a healthy and happy holiday season with the help from these amazing brands!

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