ChicExecs Features Summer Essentials on Houston Happens

ChicExecs lifestyle expert Lisa Blake visited the CW39’s Houston Happens with more essentials to enjoy all summer long! Take a peek at the brands featured.

Lively Paws LLC

Lively Paws is the only place online to buy new-generation dog supplements, USA made chews made following the highest industry standards in cGMP certified facilities. The brand helps your’s dog’s health with a single treat a day that it will love! The vet formulated chews are great for today’s aware pet owners who strive to support, feed, and love their pets like no generation before, providing their furry companions with joint health, anxiety relief, and essential nutrients . https://livelypaws.com/


The PlayPauseBe Yoga decks are designed to help you create a truly personalized practice. They will help you practice yoga mindfully, at your own pace, disconnecting from everything. The Yoga Deck is a beautiful work of art made of 82 cards. There are nine categories that will take you through a complete yoga practice, from warm up to slow down. PlayPauseBe helps you create an infinite number of sequences, whether you are a beginner or advanced. On every card, beneath each position, there is a simple phrase that helps you set your focus and practice safely. https://www.playpausebe.com/


Be The Detective, LLC

For all the true crime fans out there, get ready to test your sleuthing skills with the hottest mystery subscription box. Be The Detective lets you unravel clues month by month. A package of evidence is mailed to your door from a detective on the case. Solve by yourself, with a small group of friends or family, or on date night. The immersive detective game delivers fresh clues, challenging puzzles and ciphers, and engaging objectives. https://bethedetective.com/


Alma Ocean

Alma Ocean is all about bold colors, bold designs, and making bold changes in the swimming community. They’re encouraging more people in the Black community to not let under-representation and harmful stereotypes prevent them from enjoying a day in the water. Alma Ocean is building a community that promotes inclusivity, exhibits creativity, and raises awareness for water safety. https://www.almaocean.co/


Makers of The Modern Mimosa, Mayne&Co have taken the classic drink and concocted an organic twist. Sustainable grown Italian wine mixed with California orange juice is the continental zest to liven any occasion. It’s environmentally friendly from vine to can. The innovative single serve can format reduces the hassle of mixing and makes it easy to take and enjoy on the go (each can includes 1.5 glasses of mimosa). The women-owned and run business caters to health-conscious consumers with mimosas that have no added sugars and are vegan and gluten-free with 120 calories per serving. Maynesip.com

Congrats to all the featured brands!


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