ChicExecs Featured on CO— by U.S. Chamber of Commerce

ChicExecs is excited to be included in a recent article on CO— by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on the “8 Simple Ways to Retain Your Best Employees.”

CO— is a website that connects like-minded business owners and offers insights for next-level growth. Its mission is to build a vibrant entrepreneurial community and help business owners thrive.

ChicExecs VP of Public Relations and Digital Media, Kristen Wessel, shared her input on keeping employees feeling valued.

“Employee appreciation can sometimes fall to the side, but it’s an important part of any business’s employee retention strategy,” Kristen said. “Show your employees you care about them, whether it’s as small as a handwritten card or as grand as a huge bonus. Employees need to know that you’ve got their back.”

Here is an overview of the eight ways to retain core talent:

1. Pay above-average salaries

One of the most obvious ways to retain your top workers is to offer better-than-average salaries and excellent benefits.

2. Allow employees to speak their minds

Creating a culture where employees can freely speak up can keep employees engaged.

3. Show appreciation and respect

Make sure you regularly show your top employees that you appreciate them.

4. Encourage input and feedback

Employees want to know that you’re listening and really hearing their feedback.

5. Don’t micromanage

It can hamper productivity and also turn off high-performing employees from wanting to stick around.

6. Identify and invest in high performers

Track employee productivity and results over time to identify which ones stand out.

7. Offer the ability to grow

Employees who do the same tasks, again and again, can grow complacent. If they ask to change things up, entertain the idea seriously.

8. Provide flexibility

Flexibility can provide a significant incentive for your best workers.

Thank you to CO— and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for including Kristen in this timely feature.

Read the full article here.

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